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Dens has always found their mission in using music as a platform to creatively and honestly explore themes of faith, hope, redemption, and grace. In 2018, the band released their guitar-driven post-rock Facedown debut EP No Small Tempest and won the hearts of Facedown fans with their outstanding, singable choruses. Now the revelatory new album from Dens comes to grips with the current state of shattered communication and subjective truths. “Taming Tongues” explores how words can be life-giving or destructive, and emotions can be the salt of life or the fuel that gets thrown on a fire. Dens’ ability to walk the line between heavy and ambient is fortified on “Taming Tongues” with unforgettable vocal hooks and melodies that give the passionate message a solid place to land.—provided by Facedown Records


“In just a few short years, Dens has established themselves as one of the most interesting, thoughtful, and gifted rock bands around, and their ability to cover so much diverse ground on an ‘unplugged’ album is nothing short of phenomenal.”

— Evan Dickens, Jesus Freak Hideout

“Dens have released a behemoth of a concept album that solidifies them as one of the hottest upcoming bands on the Facedown roster… Taming Tongues is rife with visceral lyricism, backbreaking aggression, earworm choruses, and a host of surprises.”

— Casey Gallenberger, Indie Vision Music

“Ultimately, there’s a lot to love on ‘No Small Tempest’: the guitarwork is incredible, with the juxtaposition of wall-of-sound chord-shredding and technical riffs; vocals are passionate and dynamic; drums and bass create an incredible foundation for rhythmically-dense song structure; lyrics are provocative and strewn with biblical perspective.”

— Casey Gallenberger, Indie Vision Music

“Their debut full-length record, From Small Seeds Come Giant Trees, takes the reverent nature of modern worship bands and injects it with the thoughtful brand of indie rock pioneered by bands like Thrice and As Cities Burn. And spoiler alert: it’s a success.”

— Ben Kunz, Indie Vision Music

“Taming Tongues is a beautiful, soaring throwback to early-2000s emo rock, a stellar sophomore release after a four-year break. The melodies hit a vein, the guitars move in stereophonic freedom, and Dens’ meticulous and relevant sophomore album shows their masterwork over the concept they set out to create.”

— HM Magazine

“Dens weds their music to their lyrics, adding punches when emotions run high and quieting things down when reflecting. In this way, No Small Tempest is a thoughtful and complete, albeit short, album.”

— Barry Wolfer, Top Christian Books

“No Small Tempest is no small EP; while it only boasts four songs, it’s twenty minutes long, and most of that time is beefy.”

— Scott Fryberger, Jesus Freak Hideout

“Nice guitar work—good, contemplative stuff.”

— Ben Crist, The Glorious Unseen

“The album combines the distorted guitar walls of the shoegaze movement with the melodic sensibilities of the mid-2000’s emo movement, and then uses those tools to enhance Dens’ thoughtful, worship-focused lyrics.”

— Taylor Hohulin, Jesus Wired

“Foxes have dens, birds have nests and these indie rockers from Richmond, VA have some pretty sweet beats.”

— Trish Koutrodimos, Independent Reviewer

One Sheet

For fans of: Thrice, Circa Survive, Being As An Ocean, Anberlin
Genre: Post-Rock, Rock, Alternative, Indie


  • “Deadrise” reached #2 on Billboard National Airplay

  • RadioU’s #1 Most Wanted of 2018

  • Placement on official curated Spotify playlists: New Punk Tracks and Crash Course

  • Placement on official curated Apple Music playlists: Christian Rock Essentials, Breaking Hard Rock, Best of the Week, and Breaking Indie

  • Creation Festival Music Tournament 2016 winner

Direct Support

  • Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Virgin Records)

  • Switchfoot (Vanguard Records)

  • Silverstein (Rise Records)

  • Wage War (Fearless)

  • Like Moths to Flames (Rise Records)

  • Gideon (Equal Vision)

  • Silent Planet (Solid State Records)

  • He Is Legend (Spinefarm Records)

  • Conditions (Good Fight Music)

  • Death Therapy (Solid State Records)

  • War of Ages (Facedown Records)

  • Wolves at the Gate (Solid State Records)

  • As Cities Burn (Equal Vision Records)

  • Disciple (Tooth & Nail Records)

  • Project 86 (ex-Tooth & Nail Records)

Notable Events

  • International Tour, Lithuania

  • Taming Tongues Release Tour, West Coast USA

  • Audiofeed Festival, Urbana, IL

  • Creation Festival, Mt. Union, PA

  • Unity Music Festival, Muskegon, MI

  • Uprise Fest, Shippensburg, PA

  • Stafford Palace Theater, Stafford Springs, CT

  • Murray Hill Theatre, Jacksonville, FL

  • Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC

  • Canal Club, Richmond, VA

  • Shaka’s Live, Virginia Beach, VA

  • The Glass House, Get Downtown 2018, and Speakertree Records, Lynchburg, VA



  • Guitars: Balaguer Guitars, Temple Audio Templeboards, Covenant Cables, DNA Custom Cabs, Landry/Bad Cat/Friedman Amplifiers

  • Bass: Balaguer Fusion Bass, Temple Audio Templeboard, Covenant Cables, Ampeg Cab, Fender Amplifier

  • Drums: Anchor Drums custom kit, DW hardware, Meinl cymbals

  • In-ear Monitors: 64 Audio, Shure Wireless